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Seki Show (SekiSusumu) is information such as the participation CD。
We will gradually up。

Koshi Inaba in 1997 ▼ "magma"

マグマ 稲葉浩志

TWINZER participation just before the participants work。
Most of the people in that participated was the CD that I heard in my guitar。
Millions of people fear ら く mo!

Supersonic corridor in 2010 ▼ Sonic Cafe Coffee

Sonic cafe jacket
2010:A CD of the speed of sound coffee aisle (Sonic cafe)、It has been released from Maharani label of Indonesia。
There overseas debut、日本国内の流通はまだ未定ですがライブ会場では販売いたします

▼ 2010 年 Suar Agung new album

ジェゴグ(竹のガムラン)のスアールアグン楽団のNew Albumが遂に完成しました
去年からレコーディングを始めプロデュースだけでなく、Guitar and Suwentora's two-sided large drum、Duo of the Sorojegogu、He was also involved, such as collaboration between the lock and the Jegog。This is of Jegog、Because it was created as one that explored the possibility of a group called Suaruagun rather than a、Although I think whether one of the surprise for the so-called Jegog fan、I would like to hear all means。
Launch in Japan, but we have scheduled for the end of July、It was produced reports such as up。

The latest in the dining room space 2010 ▼ "Space Elevator Girl"

The latest of the universe cafeteria the sound track of "space elevator operator" can now be purchased on the Web。
Please purchase come from the following site。

To be continue

▼ 2009 年 ★ Frankenstein Rock ” EASTER”

Revival! Rocca ★ Frankenstein of 7-song mini-album。

One that acoustic color is to reflect the strong recent live。

Only in the sale during a live venue。

Sound cord in 2009 ▼
Based on the melody of Japan and Japanese folk song, a lullaby、Bold guitar arrangements。
Sound cord of sound from 2008 to 2009 was appointed the shamisen。
Sale from the SHOP page。

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