2014During the tour of the year from April to May ♪

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★ May 10 (Sat) Iwakuni Rock Country 18:30/19:00
Performance of one hour for the unveiling live
★ May 11 (Sun) Wu CarouseLambra 17:30/18:00
It is a super luxurious Zeppelin night!
★5月15日(木)神戸バックビート 20時半以降の出演です
★ May 16 (gold) Osaka Esaka sound shop cafeteria 19:00/20:00
Ken salmon roe of guitar & fiddle&It is a joint with your two-way Kimura Haruyo!
★ May 17 (Sat) Iga Ueno Lifelong Learning Center
Guitar workshop & Live (undetermined time, etc.)
★ May 18 (Sun) Nagoya Imaike Little Village 18:30/19:00
Is the coupling of the Nagoya-born Mie Imai & Kenny!

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