Thanks Yotsuya skylight

Welcoming everyone to live of the rocker ★ Frankenstein、Thank you very much。
This time was a carefree because was not a their own sponsored event after a long time。w

Events that cann / goo sponsored by Pure rock。
can / goo of Tapiko-chan、Friends of soon 20 years from the pop-chan! !

Or so goes the。。。
In time, such as everyone is professional and amateur Between、Has been both a pleasure and pain。

11A year before、Or made the omnibus CD together、I Tapiko properly had is that you have together several times in live and recording、Today, the Pont-chan is the first co-star!


Roca set list Hula ★
I love you for Tsu Piki cold (old songs!)
During my life
Flee life
I laughed Mom
Other cover two songs。

Music World Travel Short Ya、The familiar Doctor corner also or do we have to play。w

Now also fun Raibuibe of fulfilling a guest participated in the song of can / goo。

Roca ★ Hula will enter in the future recording period。

Also、It was announced on stage、7Jawa Candle Night Live in the month 23 days Nakameguro dressing room (Raku Ya) is、Me and Bali instruments、Group kalimba、

Velocity Coffee Bar (Sonc cafe)To have been organized in Java musical instrument group、Seki Show & Beautiful sisters(Is a live-Campur of Chantix Sisters)。

Reservation please e-mail on the clearly your name, number of people than the contact。
60Is the name limited live。

Ta-ta for now you at the venue!

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