10月31日(日)目黒 インドネシアレストラン・チャベ
Sonic Cafe〜Candle night Live 2021〜

出演:索尼克咖啡, バスンダリ,宇宙食堂

そのため完全予約制となりますご予約は までお名前・人数と食事の予約の有無を明記してお送りください追って返信いたしますなお先着順となりますのでご了承くださいなお感染症対策ガイドラインに沿って行います詳細はこちらより



・11月2日(火)山口・周南Live house卓



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B'z稻葉浩志的獨奏專輯“ Magma”和TWINZER。最近還參加了大澤義行的巡迴演出。
現在、領導小組羅卡·弗蘭肯斯坦、除了Sonic Cafe、爵士樂、藍調、日本巡迴演唱會正在日本各地進行,並以民間音樂等為基礎的獨奏吉他。。

Show Seki /Guitar,compose,Producer
Show Seki appeared on many Recording Session in Japan and Indonesia. Especially CD of Koshi Inaba(B’z)was sold 1 million copy.
Show Seki bigan to play the guitar in junior high school and performed in several bands. After success of Koshi Inaba’s CD, Show Seki was recruited by TWINZER which was a rock group. TWINZER is famous to “Oh Shiny day”(was became to top10 song in middle of 90′)
After that 4CD of TWINZER was released,and performed around Japan as live tours.
At the same time Show Seki composed many songs for recording which was released by AVEX and nore labels.Also composed for theater,film and Music in advertising.

In Indonesia Show Seki collaborated with Suar Agung(Jegog orchestra・・・ Balinese Bamboo Gamelan)for performed on TV and recording and so on.
Show Seki composed songs for Indonesian singers and Balinese singers.
That songs were released by Warner Indonesia and local labels.

In 2007 Show Seki formed Japanese traditional music unit,and performed not only in Japan but in Bali(Bali art festival) also formed ethnic music group(索尼克咖啡) at same time.
CD of Sonic Cafe was released in 2011.

Rocka Frankenstein(Rock band) also was formed and redorded in 2012.
Other CD was released in 2015,2017.

Solo performance was started in 2011. After Japan earthquake and tsunami 2011,Show Seki started performed in all over Japan.

The contents of solo performance are Jazz,Blues,Japanese traditional song,ethnic and Gamelan also.
In a year Show Seki perfomed over 140 times.

Seki Music Office(関音楽事務所)